Iron Throne

Iron Throne

The Empire

The Empire is at it again! Taking his tricks straight from studio to the dance-floor, the Spanish producer delivers his Iron throne EP. This is a hardcore episode in a series full of disorder, featuring plot twists of distorted bass-drums.

Unfolding a story of faith and deceit, the 'Iron throne' is marked by an intense energy. Confront the establishment and follow the stereo sounds. Destroy those pillars, as loyalty gets a make-over! Here's something to fear: nobody wants to die, but everybody gets to. So celebrate the moment, and 'Embrace the darkness'! A powerful track, a hardcore anthem in the making. Featuring a sentimental vibe hidden amongst a strong melody. A tune to crush midnights! 'New entirely' is something that can best be described as a hybrid, a crossover. A hardcore track with the characteristics of a schizophrenic. Loud and cool yet intense. All surrounding that short moment of serenity that is the breakdown, just before things get totally out of hand! The 'King of the north' delivers an uplifting and straight-forward hardcore trip. A dark adventure, something one would expect from such royalty.

The Empire expands his reign with the Iron Throne EP. Dance-floor killers in potential, this is the soundtrack of steel. Of cold nights and early mornings. Now kneel to the throne, you ungrateful bastards.


1. Iron Throne
2. Embrace the darkness (Reng Deng Deng 2015 Anthem)
3. New entirely
4. King of the North

T3RDM0236 | format: digital

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