Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba

Frame of Mind

Leave it to Frame Of Mind to tear things down! A friendly kick in the groin that shakes up nerves and prepares one for 4 slices of loudness. Bits and bytes of industrial beats shaped into distortion. A curious collection of tracks that indicate an uninfluenced approach to music. With production roots delved deep into the Siberian tundra, the target to reach was clear from the start: pounding perfection.

Impending sounds and vocals gone all backwards imply things breaking down, as they do when kick drums and hits of percussion bring intensity. Better yet, insanity! With 'Ball in a bull's eye', 'Jessica Alba' and 'Lethal Vibes' as pillars of this release, 'Lomanina' adds diversity and drops a broken rhythm packed with snares to keep things nice and tense.

The 'Ball in a bull's eye' EP by Frame Of Mind is a fresh break from the norm, industrial tracks to inspire.


1. Frame of Mind - Ball in a bull's eye
2. Frame of Mind - Jessica Alba
3. Frame of Mind - Lethal vibes
4. Frame of Mind - Lomanina

T3RDM0187 | format: 12inch

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