Journeys never end

Journeys never end

The DJ Producer

Bam! The DJ Producer hits The Third Movement hard and fast, like you've come to expect from the man redefining UK hardcore every chance he gets. Pack your bags, the Bath B-boy is about to take you for a ride. Breaking beats and kicking drums, Luke McMillan is at it again.

It's not so much the destination but the journey, and these 'Journeys never end'. 2013, in the face! Taking legendary vocals for a new spin, this tune delivers a solid energy flow to any rave. The point of greatest intensity, indeed. Talking about 'Modus Operandi', The DJ Producer's habit to explore and evolve has never before tasted sweeter. These tracks are living proof of a Producer taking his studio technique to the next level. 'Way beyond', and then some. Rendered at 185 beats per minute, these solid pulses of rhythm will overtake any dance-floor. The 'Ride of your lives' never seems to slow down. Dropping a typical subtle DJ Producer melody, topped with round kicks and smashing snares, this track just keeps on going.

The DJ Producer drops a definitive EP for the hardheads out there. Unleash with caution!


1. Journeys never end
2. Modus operandi
3. Way beyond
4. Ride of your lives (emotional debris)

T3RDM0206 | format: digital

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