Kill the beat

Kill the beat

Sandy Warez

Sandy Warez is back on the TTM label, with no messing around. His latest release is 'Kill the beat' featuring 6 brand new tracks, each flowing with a consistency of rhythm. The A side is enforced with slamming kicks and abusive sounds, great party beats. The B side includes "The end of the world' a 2 part track, and is followed by "The Red Thing" where tempo and intensity is increased to maximum capacity!


A1. Sandy Warez - Kill the beat
A2. Sandy Warez - Push the last door
A3. Sandy Warez - The transistor is dead
B1. Sandy Warez - End of this world - part 1
B2. Sandy Warez - End of this world - part 2
B3. Sandy Warez - The red thing

T3RDM0105 | format: 12 inch

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