Kling Klong

Kling Klong


Ladies and gentlemen, welcome... to the end of the world EP! By the wicked trickster that is N-Vitral. Sharing his set of loop fundamentals: patterns locked, high energy levels upon impact. Snare hits and percussion stress, ride cymbals and fat kicks. Get that shake-things-up urge out of your system with these drums!

There's nothing subliminal about the messages portrayed in this N-Vitral's release, "You're now in the killzone!" A fact, with tracks 'The End Of The World' and 'Welcome To The Killzone' up and running. So either take 'The Shotgun' or go abstract with 'Kling Klong' to finish off this apocalyptic journey into sound. There you have it, a release featuring 4 quarters of pure industrial mockery. N-Vitral style!


1. N-Vitral - Kling Klong
2. N-Vitral - The end of the world
3. N-Vitral - The shotgun
4. N-Vitral - Welcome to the killzone

T3RDM0189 | format: 12inch

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