N-Vitral has been around The Third Movement from the very beginning. Creating tracks in his own space, his sound has been constantly fresh and up to date. Through his live act N-Vitral has been developing a new sound: harder and more intense. Now the time is here to demonstrate it in full effect: TTM presents: 'Klusterfuk'! N-Vitral made an appearance on the last Demolition with two brand new tracks which have been well received by both listeners and deejays. A vinyl release couldn't be held back longer and 'Klusterfuk' is here to prove that: N-Vitrals' sound is more intense than ever! Combined with the already known 'Coma' and 'Smitgotten' are 'Filokrank' and 'Clinckflutter'. While the high tempo and levels of distortion in 'Filokrank' leave no space for taking a notch down, 'Clinckflutter' is the mid-tempo break beat alternative demonstrating N-Vitral's broad approach to music. 'Klusterfuk' will fit in hard techno and hardcore sets with ease, which doesn't necessarily mean that this sound is for everybody. But if you prefer the rough and rugged, N-Vitral is just the thing!


A1. N-Vitral - Coma
A2. N-Vitral - Filokrank
B1. N-Vitral - Smitgotten
B2. N-Vitral - Clinckflutter

T3RDM0124 | format: 12 inch

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