Lecture on progress - r_AW 006

Lecture on progress - r_AW 006

Rude Awakening

With guts and originality Rude Awakening let's loose r_AW 006, 'A lecture on progress'. This Industrial masterpiece pushes the levels of distortion through the roof, featuring 4 tracks of vast variety, all with their own r_AW elements. Already included on the previously released album 'Forward Observer' these tracks are waiting to manipulate the dance floors. On the A Side: Over flown with frustration is 'A lecture on progress' followed by the industrial and progressive 'Confrontation'. The B Side: Displaying a further funky touch, expresses clear innovation with 'A false sense of security' and 'I like it r_AW'.


A1. Rude Awakening - Confrontation
A2. Rude Awakening - Lecture on progress
B1. Rude Awakening - False sense of security
B2. Rude Awakening - I like it r_AW

T3RDM0091 | format: 12 inch

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