Livin' the hard life

Livin' the hard life

T-Junction & Osiris

T-Junction & Osiris team up with MC Syco to drop a brand new hardcore bomb: Livin' the hard life! A track that breathes through the hardcore blood and oozes energy when unleashed at high volume. Melodies and kickdrums change pace from distorted kicks alongside 'in your face' vocals to breakdown chills. Both producers deliver an individual contribution to the release with two solo produced tracks on the b-side under the titles of 'Remember the name' and 'Guns and missiles'. A superb 4 tracker trapped on 12 inches of vinyl with the potential to hit hard, T-Junction & Osiris take the hardcore mass to new levels of madness!


A1. T-Junction & Osiris feat. MC Syco - Livin' the hard life
A2. T-Junction & Osiris - Can't stop us now
B1. Osiris - Remember the name
B2. T-Junction - Guns and missiles

T3RDM0125 | format: 12 inch

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