Maximum Bass

Maximum Bass


Giving it all, D-Passion drops Maximum Bass EP. A release pouring hardcore from between every kick-drum, snare and clap. With two tracks ready to hit the dance-floor, this is about to get ridiculous!

The maximum, the largest, the ultimate. This is what hardcore is all about! Big, beyond borders and headfirst. Taking no prisoners, the audio attack comes at you from all sides. Featuring D-Passion melody and an artillery of loud pumping hardcore kicks, 'The maximum' delivers the dirt. Either you're playing these beats on your headphones or standing amidst a crowd of hardcore followers, this is what hardcore feels like! Clean-cut and ready to dominate, the D-Passion flow shifts from one end to the other with 'Bass in the place'. Kick, kick, clap. Dance! Dust of your shoulders and get into the pit. It's hardcore time. Don't sweat what you've heard, just act like you know. Get into the zone and jump down the rabbit hole. Who knows where you might end up?!

Ready for its kick-drums to obliterate what's left of silence in your head, Maximum Bass EP packs intensity from first kick to the last reverb. This is about to get absurd! D-Passion delivers a smashing release, tailored to your needs and suited for the real hardcore heads out there.


01. The Maximum
02. Bass in the place

T3RDM0226 | format: digital

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