Men on a mission EP

Men on a mission EP

Terminal & Vavaculo

Oh yes! These two hardcore motherf_ckers have something in store for you. Bringing bumping kicks and melody, Terminal & Vavaculo present: Men on a mission. Their debut EP, featuring the adrenaline- fueled result of festival hangovers and midnight impact.

Just open your ears, and catch these tunes! This is the reason why they rock. Explained by example with 'Why we rock', featuring Promo and his studio tricks. With the volume up and the kick-drums distorted, the bottom line is clear: hardcore power! This EP is about to get banging. The title-track is something special all-right. Packing a great flow, strong melody and catchy vocals, 'Men on a mission' makes you jump! Nothing less. And that's the way we like it. Big distorted kick-drums packing the punch and good vibe all around. It's a track that just keeps going. 'Dangerous minds' takes a different approach. With a little punch here and a little kick there, there's more than enough energy to spread. Peaking at a higher tempo, these drums just keep on rolling. Like cogs in a machine, they get the work done. Bam!

A great way to rock the dance-floor or go berserk in between your headphones, this is the Men on a mission EP by Terminal & Vavaculo. Three tracks to terrorize your neighbors, or insist hardcore hysteria if needed.


01. Why we rock (feat. Promo)
02. Men on a mission
03. Dangerous men

T3RDM0231 | format: digital

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