Metal warfare - Promofile classic 002

Metal warfare - Promofile classic 002


At a time when hardcore music was falling into a predictable state of sound, the second Promo File made quite the impression. 'What the fuck?' describes exactly what people experienced when the now infamous File kick made its introduction. Tracks optimized for loud sound systems in dark hallways. Recognizable for its shrieking synths, 'Metal warfare' continued on the vibe Promo laid out with this File. The tracks '20.000 freaks' starts of the b-side, which, considering its time of release was even more different in both structure and sound compared to the usual hardcore tracks. After all the experimentation the track 'Back in time' is a nice change of pace with it's clear and nostalgic sound.


A1. Promo - What the fuck ?
A2. Promo - Metal warfare
B1. Promo - 20.000 freaks
B2. Promo - Back into time

T3RDM0082 | format: 12 inch

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