Mind your own business

Mind your own business


A new name demands new tactics: The Movement unveils Ruffryder's debut EP, 'Mind your own business'! Presented under his rugged alias, newcomer Frank van Bracht brings a solid hardcore vibe with fresh twists. Four edgy tracks that are jam-packed with hooks, sticking in your mind like glue.

With inspiration echoing beat for beat through tracks like 'Our world' and 'Mind your own business', this guy ending up at The Third Movement was a no-brainer. 'Attention' and 'Speakertester' complete the set.

Clear production skills, accessible beats and mesmerizing melodies. With one last ingredient added to the mix, the foundation for a damaging impact has been laid: distortion it is! No further introduction needed.


01. Ruffryder - Our world
02. Ruffryder - Attention
03. Ruffryder - Mind your own business
04. Ruffryder - Speakertester

T3RDM0184 | format: 12inch

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