AK Industry

Turn up audio to full volume, switch off all the lights, press play and sit back while this Monster takes over and destroys your sound system like a sci-fi horror flick. AK Industry unveils his debut EP at The Third Movement: Monster EP!
Atmosphere, dark energy and that scary feeling that out of nowhere an unidentified object might break your face, AK Industry and Billy S. bring a track that combines hardcore kicks with raw percussion. As with any good horror flick, AK Industry and Billy S. don't set out alone to face the Monster, they brought Switch Technique with them for a VIP rendition. Snares abound, the 'Monster' VIP version approaches the beast from a different angle. 'Whitewalkers' crosses the planes of day, across rolling kicks and over percussion paved paths straight towards apocalypse. A subtle tune, equal of its name. Is the end not enough? Then brace yourselves for something special: a super group if you will! AK Industry, Igneon System and N-Vitral set out to combine talent and show the scene what can happen when you merge several sub styles into one, 'Reloaded'.
Nothing short of a trilogy, AK Industry and his allies have declared their hardcore movement!


1. AK Industry feat. Billy S. - Monster
2. AK Industry feat. Billy S. - Monster (Switch Technique VIP)
3. AK Industry - Whitewalkers
4. AK Industry feat. Igneon System & N-Vitral - Reloaded

T3RDM0193 | format: digital, 12inch

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