My future destiny - Type (010A)

My future destiny - Type (010A)


The sub-labeled hardcore mastery of Promotype has reached its 10th release in the form of two 12' releases. The final and definitive chapter of the Type series comes with a solid blast. First up is the release of Type 010A, the brighter design of the two. Featuring 4 brand new tracks from the Quality control album, Promo delivers a wide-range hardcore smash featuring all the necessary elements for a more-than-loud music experience. Bass-drum, uplifting melody and tight cut vocals all sharply mixed, the 2009 standard.


A1. Promo - My future destiny
A2. Promo - My beating drum
B1. Promo - This is how we rock
B2. Promo - Rhythmics of a badboy

T3RDM0155 | format: 12 inch

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