Never compromise

Never compromise


The brand new album of Promo, 'Never compromise'! This double cd features the best tracks from the Promotype series, old and new co-productions like 'Lyin' through your teeth' and...


01. Still got it
02. Devastation of thought
03. Take it personal
04. Everything
05. My claim to fame
06. Pressure on the fakes
07. Escape from the hostile
08. The new revolution
09. Brother of Conflict
10. Messin' with yo mind
11. Someone to Hate
12. I hear ya comin'

01. I called you
02. After me there will be none
03. Lyin' through your teeth
04. Constant filth
05. Obstinate
06. Everything gained, nothing to lose
07. Toch welleuk
08. Enemies for life
09. Demons (Promo remix)
10. Ingredient of my succes

T3RDM0061 | format: 2CD

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