Noir Core EP

Noir Core EP

Densha Crisis

Switching to black and white tones of darkness, Densha Crisis drops a stunning debut EP at The Third Movement: Noir Core! A trip into despair, along industrial landscapes of forgotten machinery. Destination: the doomed.

Densha Crisis unveils a silhouette of the post-apocalyptic where man has lost all control. 'Noir Core' creeps up slowly and takes control like a strong emotion. An adrenaline rush of deep and dirty kick-drums that exceeds physical limits. Treated with a Fracture 4 Eyes Closed Remix 'Noir Core' received the full analysis, exploring both physical and mental states of the hardcore mind. A range of voices that get in your head as you take your stand on the dance-floor. Striking unexpected, 'Brainwave' uses its filthy lead synth to get the itch going and blood pumping. With no room for denial, booming percussion and an all-round dark vibe dominate this track like the worst of nightmares. 'Keep going' takes the Densha Crisis sound further and layers it with a strong flow. A non-stop industrial drive, a movement that can't be stopped. Crawling ever forward, all obstacles are ravaged as this tune increases in force.

A doom apparatus in and of itself, the Noir Core EP by Berlin based duo Densha Crisis is the remedy to ease the industrial ache. No need to keep shivering, this is the shot of percussion any hardcore junky desires!


01. Noir Core
02. Noir Core (Fracture 4 Eyes Closed Remix)
03. Keep Going
04. Brainwave

T3RDM0230 | format: digital

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