None follows the sunrise

None follows the sunrise

Void Settler

Is he tempted by satin or is it the patronization of a city crying about disasters that are yet to come? Void Settler along with his aliases 'Labyrinth' and 'Sandling' has created his first full length solo album 'None follows the sunrise' featuring 15 original tracks. With mysterious titles, bizarre verbal expressions, crossover of ambient sounds, and random extremities of obnoxious noises: Void Settlers expression and composition of Intelligent Dance Music is perfectly placed. (This album features 15 tracks, including the very popular Nightfall Deceit, the previously released 'Her naked thin glass made clock' and 13 unreleased pieces!) You will never find a way out' Don't be afraid.


01. Labyrinth - Carriage at St. Palurs harbor
02. Void Settler & Labyrinth - Fable. Entwine.
03. Sandling - Satin temptation
04. Labyrinth - Tower
05. Sandling - Desolate outpost
06. Void Settler - Her naked thin glass-made clock
07. Labyrinth - A rusted golem and a field memories
08. Void Settler & Labyrinth - The kingdom crowns where famine beheads
09. Void Settler - Yehgeth of the Dragoon
10. Labyrinth - Sunset shore
11. Void Settler - Nightfall deceit
12. Labyrinth - Fathom stars of lights above
13. Void Settler & Labyrinth - Jackal
14. Void Settler - Ghast
15. Labyrinth - A city to cry about diasters yet to come

T3RDM0097 | format: CD

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