None follows the sunrise EP

None follows the sunrise EP

Void Settler

Not only available on CD...'Void Settler'is also here on vinyl! This vinyl provides the perfect mixture of music! Including'6 tracks, featuring several aliases. The A side is pressed with: The patiently awaited 'Nightfall deceit', followed by a Rude Awakening Remix! Winding down with Labyrinths ambient''Sunset Shore'. The B side is definitely not lacking fulfilment, including: Her Naked thin glass made clock (well known from Demolition 5 compilation),'followed by the intriguing 'Ghast' and'the fresh masterpiece by Sandling''Satin Temptation'.


A1. Void Settler - Nightfall deceit
A2. Void Settler - Nightfall Deceit (Rude Awakening remix)
A3. Labyrinth - Sunset Shore
B1. Void Settler - Her naked thin glass-made clock
B2. Void Settler - Ghast
B3. Sandling - Satin Temptation

T3RDM0096 | format: 12 inch

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