Notorious P.I.G.

Notorious P.I.G.

Electronic pig

Visions have been enchanced, This time with a classic release really delving deep into their personalities. Lenny Dee and Promo have joined forces, yet again. NOTORIOUS P.I.G, features 8 pigelletic tracks, including a remix by Torgull of the already known ' Deep as Dark'. With Lenny's NYC sound & enthusiastic tendencies in combination with Promos overall skills, this release takes hardcore to another level. Tracks include a combination of hardcore & rock: featuring a wild boar live on the guitar. There's more to this release than music, be careful with that needle to be apart of the endless humour. Who gets down, who digs _ that's up to you!


A1. Electronic pig - Electronic pig
A2. Electronic pig - The Boar's interlude
A3. Electronic pig - Electro nicpig
A4. Electronic pig - Whitest tightest
B1. Electronic Pig - Pigue Belgique
B2. Electronic Pig - Deep as dark
B3. Electronic Pig - Pig-a-pella
B4. Electronic Pig - Deep as dark (Torgull remix)

IM005 | format: 12 inch

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