Original thinker - Type Sienna (006)

Original thinker - Type Sienna (006)


So much hype and excitement has been generated from 'The Revolutionist' album, The time continues for dance floors to receive the impact and live on with the revolution. TTM presents the 6th release in Promo's Type series, 'Original Thinker - Type Sienna' Type Sienna has a favourite for everyone, Representing each angle of Promo's styles... this 4 track vinyl will rock your world. The A side features "Original Thinker" a low tempo floor-killer, drowned with heavy kicks and an innovative flair. Followed by, "Bass Management" a heavy statement in itself. With no limits,frequency overrides the rules! The B side turns the tables to Promos well known party sound... with melodies and lyrical magic. B1 features "The voice of a rebel" followed by "That ain't real" vibed with a perfect atmosphere,both perfect for any party!


A1. Promo - Original thinker
A2. Promo - Bass management
B1. Promo - The voice of a rebel
B2. Promo - That ain't real

T3RDM0106 | format: 12 inch

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