The Wishmaster

Leave it up to Fulvio to bring the heat with 'Pandemonium', the latest EP by The Wishmaster!
Bringing hardcore essentials with a solid intent to disturb and destroy, The Wishmaster raises the bar to a new level.

Dropping kicks and rocking vocals from left to right and back, these beats and melodies are shattering tools for the impatient.

Brought with Italian elegance, 'Pandemonium' and 'Oldschool trip' set the stage for some serious dance-floor antics. The 2 upbeat stompers are joined by mid-tempo bash 'Back 2 classic'. Presenting subtle flashbacks from a hardware driven age, neatly packed in an up-to-date statement.

If you had one chance , what would you wish for?


1. The Wishmaster - Pandemonium
2. The Wishmaster - Oldschool trip
3. The Wishmaster - Back 2 classic

T3RDM0188 | format: 12inch

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