Patterns in chaos - Promofile classic 005

Patterns in chaos - Promofile classic 005


Darkness called in many ways with the release of Promo File 5 in early 2000. With more people getting their ears on the File style, Promo continued his productions in a more chaotic manner, 'Patterns in chaos' features one of the most disordered productions on the File-series till date. 'Broaden our minds' shows of a hard to follow melody, mixed in a fa'ade of acid effects and intruding sounds. The melodic side of the File features 'Midnight impact', a co-operation of Promo with the then upcoming Catscan resulting in a properly developed production featuring a terrific melody. 'Counter attack' is as loud as it gets, with huge kicks and screaming vocals containing both soul and message.


A1. Promo - The darkness
A2. Promo - Broaden our minds
A3. Promo - Patterns in chaos
B1. Promo & Catscan - Midnight impact
B2. Promo - Counter attack

T3RDM0085 | format: 12 inch

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