Mister DJIPE bringing the grind! Demonstrating skill with the People=pigs EP, DJIPE takes on the next form of chaos. A formula proving one thing: the hardcore grunt is indeed human!

A raw mix of hardcore kicks and carefully dissected breakbeats, this breakcore extravaganza drops and jumps at every count. Keeping you on your toes from first beat to fade out, DJIPE manages to keep his flow constantly fresh and oozing with energy. Like a dirty mud bath on a clear summer's day, this is a temptation you cannot resist. So jump in, get filthy like the scum that you are and enjoy. Enjoy to the fullest! Tracks 1 to 5 pack a punch you need to experience. From 'Turtle Devastation Wave', 'Constantly Consuming', 'Pandora's Box', 'Alone With The Machines' to 'iEATER', this is DJIPE madness!

DJIPE is a force to take into account. His mixture of skull-splitting breaks and hardcore funk can drive a sane man crazy. Hell, even animals can't resist. This is dark as pitch and dirty as a swine playing in the mud after the rain. This is DJIPE, this is the People=pigs EP!


01. Turtle Devastation Wave
02. Constantly Consuming
03. Pandora's Box
04. Alone With The Machines
05. i-EATER

T3RDM0258 | format: digital

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