Pigs de resistance

Pigs de resistance

Electronic Pig

The creators behind the label Industrial Movement... Promo and Lenny Dee'present the 10th edition of IM releases: the sounds of Electronic Pig'"Pigs De Resistance".' This vinyl includes every element required! From poetry to humour to hardcore, it even features a Piggy Pounder remix! These little piggies deliver a variety of fresh sounds. Streamlined with electronic rhythms, obnoxious sounds, unique samples and a bite of obsenity! This release will pull you in for full indulgence! ' Humour and hardcore, what more could ya ask for!?


A1. Electronic Pig - IM Electronic
A2. Electronic Pig - IM Electronic (closet mix)
A3. Electronic Pig - IM Electronic (Piggy Pounder remix)
B1. Electronic Pig - The dark place
B2. Electronic Pig - Parasites attack
B3. Electronic Pig - Poem for parasites
B4. Electronic Pig - Parasites freestyle

IM010 | format: 12 inch

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