Peaky Pounder

Come on, what you waiting for? The new Peaky Pounder release is here! 'Positiivista' crashes through soundsystems like a rusty old car. With pure party attitude mixed along Peaky funkyness! Side A speeds on the Hoitaa side of things: a catchy track in all ways imaginable which Peaky has been playing from disc for some time now. You know the score: absolute dancefloor mayhem! Hoitaa is available in original and r_AW perkele mix! Rude Awakening needs no introduction and his remix of the Peaky original delivers even heavier kicks as well as stacked layers of chaos. Flipping the disc produces 'Hitto!' and 'Positiivista'. Two tracks both offering a great drive: Peaky style! The first track combines low frequency acid sounds with a wideload of distortion and funk. Definitely not your everyday type of acid! Positiivista closes the EP with a heavy crawling line of kicks and distortion reaching anarchy near the end of the track. A great bridge between techno and hardcore!


A1. Peaky Pounder - Hoitaa
A2. Peaky Pounder - Hoitaa (r_AW perkele mix)
B1. Peaky Pounder - Hitto!
B2. Peaky Pounder - Positiivista

T3RDM0127 | format: 12 inch

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