Problematic frequency

Problematic frequency

The DJ Producer

UK artist The DJ Producer drops his mixture of frequencies with this awesome four tracker! Including the remake from 99's underground hit 'The signal', proving without a doubt that no signal can go without a live and kicking DJ Producer bass-drum. Also contained: the D-Passion remix, showing the typical D-Passion sound mangled up with the raw UK flow. Each of the tracks is already responsible for rocking stages around the scene the past months, so high energy guaranteed on this remixed b-side. The a-side however delivers 2 brand new tracks to bomb your neighbors with! 'Problematic frequency' is a proper up-tempo hardcore track with breaks and beats like we've come to know and like from Luke McMillan. While 'Tension sexuelle' shows us something new: fresh vocals and oldskool synths are used and re-used to create this tour de force. Like a glove, these tracks will fit into every UK hardcore set and will definitely add something fresh to your set! The first batch of records are pressed on blue colored vinyl, like a classic remix this release will surely shine a different light through the decks!


A1. The DJ Producer - Problematic frequency
A2. The DJ Producer - Tension sexuelle (foreplay version)
B1. The DJ Producer - The signal 2007 (D-passion remix)
B2. The DJ Producer - The signal 2007 (Producer's weird energy mix)

T3RDM0138 | format: 12 inch

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