Promo Gold .01

Promo Gold .01


The Third Movement presents a new line of classics, rereleased in style: the Promo Gold Series! Each release features classic Promo tracks, re-mastered and repressed on gold colored vinyl. Housed in a glossy black cover, the .01 Promo Gold holds 'Severe damage' in every aspect! Rocking the floors since its original release, 'Severe damage' has been a huge dancefloor smash with its well known words of offense and twisting kicks. Included are both the original mix and the brand new rough and funky Placid K remix. The b-side features two other milestones of hardcore history: 'Wayz of da undaground' marks a time when the Dutch hardcore movement made a change of style, the typical gabber sound got replaced with fresh sounds and a slightly lower tempo. The result still sounds stable today, as the breakdown of the track so clearly proves. 'Cold as stone' is one of those tracks which brings back atmosphere from way back. Released in '97 when the gabber movement was at its peak, the track still holds its own when played at the many early rave events out there. Don't be fooled by the age, this track is up to task to rock the new generation.


A1. Severe damage (Placid K remix)
A2. Severe damage
B1. Wayz of da undaground
B2. Cold as stone

T3RDM0122 | format: 12 inch

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