Promo Gold .02

Promo Gold .02


Promo Gold .02 continues where the first left off: delivering 4 re-mastered tracks straight out of 'the good old days'! The year 1997 to be exact, when 'Kill the noize' made its first appearance on vinyl. Closely linked to the gabba sound of the late mid 90s, Promo created an upbeat track featuring sweet kicks, explicit lyrics and a driving melody line. All tightly combined into dance-floor craze! His BZRK Black release later that year featured 'Kill the noize' again, but this time remixed by Buzz Fuzz! Following the melody at close range, Buzzy created a solid hit remix. A remix like only he can create: sharp kickzz and finger fast trickzz. Both the original and remix have been included on Gold .02 for your enjoyment! And that's far from all' the first track on the flip-side is probably one of the most sought after modern hardcore classics: 'King of Pain'! Its low tempo makes it the perfect crossover for any set and the kicks get all the space needed to move anything from floor to roof as well as the crowd. 'King of Pain' makes no exceptions. Finishing this Gold release is another solid Promo track: 'Can't hold me down'. Melody and beats responsible for their very own kind of havoc at the time of original release, and years after! Repressed on gold colored vinyl, this is the perfect chance to grab hold of another batch of classic Promo tracks.


A1. Promo - Kill the noize (Buzz Fuzz remix)
A2. Promo - Kill the noize
B1. Promo - King of pain
B2. Promo - Can't hold me down

T3RDM0136 | format: 12 inch

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