Promo Gold .03

Promo Gold .03


Again and again, Promo Gold strikes a third hit with the unmistakable early hardcore sound. This reissue of 'Beat ya brain' and partner-in-crime 'Beat ya brain again' delivers the 90s era tracks with 2009 mastering. Kick-ass gabber bass-drums and catchy synths to rhythmically beat you through any rave. More to follow with 'Bring it raw' and 'Ya gangsta music'. Two highlights from the glory days of the old Thunderdome vibe, and still ever-present with followers of the style.


A1. Promo - Beat ya brain
A2. Promo - Beat ya brain again
B1. Promo - Bring it raw
B2. Promo - Ya gangsta music

T3RDM0158 | format: 12 inch

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