Put your back into it

Put your back into it

Broken rules

Industrial Movement presents Broken Rules: four industrial hardcore tracks ready to push the barriers of electronic music.'The a-side of the 11th IM vinyl kicks of with 'Put your back into it': a series of punching kicks with refreshing edits. 'Jacking moves' raises the beats per minute'through some delicate applied distortion. Broken Rules maintains his unspoiled look on industrial hardcore on the flipside with '4 walls'. The last track of this EP is a definite change of pace: 'Going with the feeling' takes on a more minimal approach. With a petrol'colored label and redesigned cover, the latest Industrial Movement release is ready to provide the underground mass with funky and mind-broadening beats!


A1. Broken rules - Put your back into it
A2. Broken rules - Jackin moves
B1. Broken rules - 4 walls
B2. Broken rules - Going with feeling

IM011 | format: 12 inch

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