Quality control

Quality control


Last men standing, The worst of, Never compromise, The revolutionist and The worst of 2. What do all of these titles have in common? They're all expecting a follow-up! From sketch to physical disc: Quality control. The Promo album focussing on today and tomorrow's hardcore sound. Keywords: loud, melodic, edgy, dark and full on Promo style. The Quality control package contains two discs featuring a big slice of never before heard tracks, recent dance-floor smashes such as 'The tablet', 'Battling ignorance', remixes, co-ops and more. Each BPM designed and produced to meet bass requirements. There's no way this badboy is going to miss your eardrums: 24 tracks straight from the mothership!


01. My future destiny
02. Rising out of the dark
03. Battling ignorance
04. Silence surrounds me (feat. Wishmaster)
05. This is how we rock
06. From deep within'
07. The tablet
08. Follow my movement
09. Weapons of divine temper
10. Running against the rules (D-Passion remix)
11. Fuck that mashup
12. Refuse to recognize (feat. The DJ Producer)

01. Asian drum lesson
02. My beating drum
03. Always futile
04. Your love is gone
05. Rhythmics of a badboy
06. Time to shine
07. Promo for president
08. Taking your life (with a song)
09. Back on the map
10. The grower
11. Different breed of men (Meccano Twins remix)
12. Mark of high renown (feat. The DJ Producer)

T3RDM0152 | format: 2CD

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