Rammelpot / Outlaw

Rammelpot / Outlaw

Tommy Pulse & Fausto

A brand new anthem to celebrate the summer vibe! The 'Rammelpot' EP by Tommy Pulse grooves, moves and shakes the festival season in true Stealth Industries style. Edging on the border of the harder styles, 'Rammelpot' swiftly combines the atmospheric Pulse sound with 4 to the floor beats. The flipside travels into the hard trance side of things with Tommy Pulse featuring Dutch producer Fausto and their joined venture titled 'Outlaw'. A true synergy of styles, 'Outlaw' boosts rebellious vocals and a melody line that sticks in your head like glue. Whether you pull the tracks through your stereo, or experience them in full effect on a hot summer night rave, this release is gonna get those feet moving!


A1. Tommy Pulse - Rammelpot
B1. Tommy Pulse & Fausto - Outlaw

STIND011 | format: 12 inch

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