Reject Religion EP

Reject Religion EP


Dismiss all claims to any so-called truths, this is a different kind of belief. The loud one! DJIPE presents the Reject Religion EP. Without getting preachy, DJIPE overtakes the tirade and drops an a-bomb release out there for you to enjoy.

So welcome the confrontation and leave the devilry at the door. That's right, go straight to the pit. This is not your anyday witchcraft, it's voodoo! DJIPE takes a shot at destroying the floor with 'Voodoo religion'. A great track with an even greater energy. Woooh! And that's just the beginning, as the 'Architekt of Domination' continues on set path taking the fury even further. With a slick combo of dirty basslines, kicks and snares, DJIPE keeps the vibe booming. As the track puts it: for the benefit of the nation, for its destruction! This producer certainly knows his way around the sampling tools, and 'Combine 17' is a great example. The result, a shady atmosphere driven by some slightly paranoid vocal samples. The perfect flow for breakcore to do its damage. Do you copy? 'East Coast Fat Shit' is the crossover to kill the last remaining souls. Blam! In the jungle, DJIPE goes full-on predator and attacks from any corner available.

Dropping an uber energetic combo of up-tempo hardcore breaks and street attitude, DJIPE continues his breakcore stride at The Third Movement. This is the Reject Religion EP!


01. Combine 17
02. Architekt of Domination
03. East Coast Fat Shit
04. Voodoo Religion

T3RDM0245 | format: digital

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