The DJ Producer

How does one describe the revision, the deployment, the utter and total annihilation of a set of classic The DJ Producer tracks? Well, one does not. One listens to the tracks, and one goes absolutely berserk! So go now, and discover this filthy range of hardcore beats for yourself!

And the award for most artists featured on a The Third Movement release goes to... The DJ Producer! In order of appearance: Mindustries, Promo, Fracture 4, Ophidian, N-Vitral, Deathmachine, The Outside Agency, Igneon System, Xaturate, Negative A, Hellfish, Detest, Drokz, Dolphin and Akira. And let's not forget The DJ Producer himself, adding some extra intensity to the mix. A golden invitation of sorts, The DJ Producer requested some of his closest friends to reinterpret his music. Did he know he would end up with over an hour of Class A remixes? Maybe. The result is that any industrial or up-tempo aficionado is up for the trip of a life-time! A view up close of the breaks, the edits, the madness that is The DJ Producer revised. Best listen for yourself! And then decide if you're worthy enough of this holy wall of sound.

Special mention goes out to 'Futurepast', a brand new The DJ Producer track urging to hit those doomed dance-floors. A great additions to the ever-growing Producer discography and pure hardcore in every aspect. Presenting a slick combination of haunting melody and up-tempo hardcore kicks, the Producer flow is strong in this one.

It takes a certain kind of dedication to survive the killing hardcore mechanism. And once one does, there's a godlike feeling of accomplishment. An empowering drive, endless of inspiration. Crossing the void between creativity and destruction, the road is now open for interpretations: Revise. Deploy. Annihilate! The DJ Producer and his mad revision crew deliver, now it's up to the dance-floor to recover.


01. That Guitar Track (Mindustries revision)
02. Doomsday Mechanics (Promo 3D revision)
03. Completely real (Fracture 4 revision)
04. The Last Great Overdose (Ophidian revision)
05. Centrifuge (N-Vitral Centrifrack revision)
06. Problematic Frequency (Deathmachine Freq Edition revision)
07. Last Man Standing (The Outside Agency revision)
08. Futurepast
09. Afraid (Igneon System revision)
10. Underground Funk (Xaturate revision)
11. Out of Control (Negative A revision)
12. The True Creators Pt. 3 (Hellfish dedicated revision)
13. Quite Safe (Detest revision)
14. Something (even) Stronger
15. Knowledge (Grandpa Drokz serial killer knowledge)
16. Positive Outlook (Dolphin revision)
17. Renegadedrummashe3en (Akira ill acclaimed edit)

T3RDM0235 | format: digital

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