Rising out of the dark - Type (010B)

Rising out of the dark - Type (010B)


How about drums? Type 010B brings the dark in all sorts of forms: gimmick, anthem, death threat, promise and statement. A solid combination of all thing Promo. Tight production, spot-on lyrics, strong percussion and the master kick-drum grinding through 4 by 4. The track listing of the last Promo Type contains 5 tracks from the recent 'Quality control' album: 'Asian drum lesson', 'Rising out of the dark', 'Taking your life (with a song)', 'Promo for president' and the already licensed 'Fuck that mashup'. Uncensored and all night long, this is your source for hardcore diversity.


A1. Promo - Asian drum lesson
A2. Promo - Rising out of the dark
A3. Promo - Taking your life (with a song)
B1. Promo - Promo for president
B2. Promo - Fuck that mashup

T3RDM0156 | format: 12 inch

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