Rude awakening - Promofile classic 10B

Rude awakening - Promofile classic 10B


The second part of the File10 release! File10B introduces the alter-ego of Promo: Rude Awakening. A fierce mixture of techno rhythm and hardcore beats, yet still maintaining a dark and moody dancefloor atmosphere. This release features four experimental tracks that still have their effect on the crowd. Especially the title track 'Rude Awakening' and the opener of the b-side 'Day of anger' are recognized and respected for their impact at the time of release.


A1. Rude Awakening - Rude Awakening
A2. Promo - Impending Doom
B1. Rude Awakening - Day of Anger
B2. Promo - Never catch me sleeping

T3RDM0114 | format: 12 inch

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