Rise to the occasion and liberate with hardcore's favorite rebel. This is 'Salvation', Promo Test #003! A song about the deaf, the undead in imminent need of some kick-drum disturbance.

This is it. Choices need to be made. Will you go down among the powerless or will you live up to the fame? Salvation lies on the other side and it's up to you to make the difference. Awaken the quiet that fell asleep while the predictable took charge, or be still forever. 'Salvation' is a Promo tale of two faces! Clean and kick-focussed in the form of Part 1 or damaged and distorted as Part 2. You decide which story you believe. Not having any of it? Good for you. Why not complete your liberation with The Omniscient remix? A French producer bringing a powerful rendition of the namesake Promo tune.

Looking up into the face of destruction, Salvation sounds like a pretty good deal! Promo Test #003 delivers a schizophrenic track featuring all kinds of hardcore. Salvation Part 1 and 2 are here for the taking.


01. Salvation (Part 1)
02. Salvation (Part 2)
03. Salvation (Part 2, The Omniscient remix)

PROTEST003 | format: digital

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