Six years of dedication

Six years of dedication


The Third Movement take great pleasure in the announcement of release number 100!!! "6 years of dedication" is a double EP,'featuring 11'exceptional tracks'by The Third Movements exclusive artists. Each track expresses each individuals musical'flair'and recognized style. This release displays a perfect example of their talent and'creativity. For 6 years TTM have strived to achieve positive recognition and deliver authentic musical diversity. With now 100 releases to date,'a huge variety of hardcore and techno has been displayed, receiving a great amount of respect and gratification. ' This is an exhibition to our souls... Imagine what the future will bring!


A1. Promo - Rage ignites the fire
A2. D-Passion - Change history
B1. Peaky Pounder - Sata
B2. Void Settler - An exhibition of our souls
B3. N-Vitral - Griindt
C1. T-Junction & Osiris - Adrenaline shotz
C2. Armageddon Project - The White Noise Vendetta
C3. Rude Awakening - Icon of technology
D1. Hectic Fence - Weapon of de-fence
D2. Dep Affect - Vibrational disturbance
D3. Xaphan - Black-noise-hootenanny

T3RDM0100 | format: Album (2x12 inch)

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