Skool Of Hardknocks

Skool Of Hardknocks

Igneon System

Like buzzing ears, you know it’s time for class when the bells rings. It’s ‘Skool of Hardknocks’ o’clock and Igneon System is your instructor.

You know you’re up against the real deal when tempo changes and the pace just keep on going. Mashing up the place like the cunning master he is, Igneon System has no fear and unleashes a sample pack of attitude. The result? ‘Headknocker’ + ‘Push It To The Limit’ equals scorchers of a tune, times two. The kind of math every hardcore freak understands. This is what you get when you’re taught the Skool of Hardknocks way.

Igneon System is a heretic on a rampage ready to indoctrinate souls every class he encounters. So do your homework and let the master control your focus. This is the ‘Skool of Hardknocks’ EP and loud ass kick drum rhythm is the curriculum.


01. Headknocker
02. Push It To The Limit

T3RDM0286 | Digital

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