Stormrage EP

Stormrage EP


Open up your ears. Can you hear the winds raging? Better drop everything and run to your cellar, there¿s a storm about to strike! Prepare for `Stormrage¿, Penta¿s debut EP at The Third Movement.

Is this all the fury you can muster? Rolling kicks, a doomy vibe as well as thick punching snares. Let us forever call this `Stormrage¿! The point where audio gets mixed up with a blast of utter darkness. Is this it? Hell no! Penta keeps the beat moving as the `Master of the universe¿ takes over. Guided by an eerie almost soothing voice, kicks start crashing in one after one. Let the master take over! What better way to close-up an EP than with a `Faceoff¿? Arise, and face this! Every count of this track takes a beating, and boy do these minutes start to count. A funky hardcore beat takes control of the conflict, and delivers a more than solid tune. Just press play!

Strikethrough that calm after the storm and get confrontational with this set of up-tempo hardcore sweetness. Penta¿s style can be described as a raw and melodic up-tempo type of hardcore. Plenty of distortion and lots of vocals. Basically, all ingredients to get those hardcore minds mixed up. Embrace the elements, behold: the Stormrage EP!


01. Stormrage
02. Master of the Universe
03. Faceoff

T3RDM0241 | format: digital

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