Style #004

Style #004


Rock that! The fourth pack of Promo Style tracks drops a trilogy of sound. The title track has only been on DJ-set rotation for a short while, but already made its way into collective hardcore memory. Catch on to the vocals, act crazy on the distorted beats or pause/play your energy during the break, 'Rock that' is a definition of state of the art hardcore.

Together with D-Passion, Promo grabbed hold of analogue gear-a-plenty and created a set of beats that can only be described as 'Omnifuck'. Kicking drums for pure enjoyment and destroying all that is decent.

Negative A took on the challenge to revive 'King of Pain' into 2k11 form. Result is a strong rendition of one of those classic Promo tracks. From the samples to the breakdown, the original vibe stays intact while added layers of distortion, upped speed and edits push the dance floor drive a notch further.

Make your pick or add them all for a subtle dose of total chaos. With style, Promo brings on this nr. 4 release with strong diversity.


A1 Promo - Rock that
A2 Promo & D-Passion - Omnifuck
B1 Promo - King of pain (Negative A remix)

T3RDM0181 | format: 12 inch

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