Style #005

Style #005


The Style continues with its fifth chapter bringing True Promo elements. A triple track solid delivering 'Eradicate', 'True Tones' and the smashing D-Passion remix of 'Fuck them followers'!

As featured on the True Tones album, this sneak peak release delivers a selection of tracks destined to rock dance floors.

'Eradicate' serves an almost groove hardcore beat building up to a drop in which Promo masters stereo channels and unleashes a dirty hardcore hook. Sharp like a shark's teeth, the track touches Promo's Rude alter-ego but stays accessible throughout. 'True Tones' sets the bar for Promo's 2012 sound. Featuring the vocal stylings of Minckz, a haunting melody line fed by synths and piano as well as those analog-driven Promo kicks. This surefire hit layers sounds bringing a new twist to the demonic tune with every listen. D-Passion continues the statement Promo set with 'Fuck them followers'. A must-play at time of original release, Rik cut up the samples, redrawn melodies and sliced up beats, time-travelling the tune forward into present time; D-Passion style.

Scorching with energy, edgy at times and a clear middle finger towards the average!


A1 Promo - Eradicate
B1 Promo feat. Minckz - True Tones
B2 Promo - Fuck them followers (D-Passion remix)

T3RDM0192 | format: 12 inch & digital bundle

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