Style #008

Style #008


Hitting the 8th, Promo Style continues its strong pace. 'Overrated' equals Promo at his most aggressive. Screeching synths, attitude driven vocals and pumped up kicks beyond control. Hooked into your head, the title track represents real dance-floor hardcore. Played aloud for maximum impact! Always strong in displaying the unique and uplifting sides of hardcore, Promo Style 008 continues with two outstanding tracks. A clash of experience and talent, 'Playing with fire' is a co-op between Promo and OMI. Watch out or you'll get your hands burned! With a small and almost innocent melody to start out with, the track quickly mounts into something bigger. An anthem, larger than life. Recognizable and fresh, Ophidian unveils his view on the Promo classic 'Life from the other side'. Adding new twists and sounds, the remix delivers a rolling re-imagining of an already strong melody. The result: a wall of sound slowly built by adding new angles to Life's elements. A little analog here and there, each note of melody hints at something new and unexpected. Come on!

The eight addition to the Promo Style series is without a doubt: intense. A trilogy packing a brand new Promo tune, a co-op with OMI and a strong remix by Ophidian. Hardcore intent, kick-drums in effect!


1. Overrated
2. Playing with fire (feat. OMI)
3. Life from the other side (Ophidian remix)

T3RDM0214 | format: digital

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