Style #009

Style #009


Exposing the latest addition to the loudness war, Promo Style 009 has got a brand new bag of tricks to show. Big and bolder! No rest for the wicked. This Promo release packs all elements that define the true hardcore sound. Strong melodies, killer hooks and big stacks of loud kick-drums!

Floating in a moonlit sky, tempo takes a pause to deliver an insane anthem. Ready to rock the scene, the kick-ass melody of 'Airwalker' hooks into your brain and takes you on a trip. Way up high, into the midnight blue. Raise your hands. Go berserk. Whatever it takes, let it all go as the beat hits hard! Continuing on a much darker tone, things get rough with 'Nonsense'. Up goes the BPM and down come the kick-drums. This is raw, this is ill. Packed aside screaming alarms and all kinds of street attitude, there's more than madness going on when this nonsense hits. Ripping the release up is 'Ridiculous shit'. Handing out critical hits, Promo gets darker by the beat and adds impending doom to the mix as the wall of sound gets bigger and bigger. Jam-packing the mix with effects and subtle edited samples, high pitched tones take over. Big kick-drums make the kill as the crowd goes mad.

These are tunes hardcore crowds ache and cringe for. This is the noise you hear after dark. The energy you get from loud kick-drums slamming away into the night. There you have it, the ninth episode of the Promo Style series. Number 009 brings you the Promo hardcore sound, dark and accessible. A future-proof package of true hardcore tunes.


1. Airwalker
2. Nonsense
3. Ridiculous Shit

T3RDM0223 | format: digital

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