Style #010A

Style #010A


With more than one range of hardcore kicks ready to ram the speakers, it's up to you to make a choice. 'Kamikaze style' gets all freaky. Oh yes, classic Promo kick-drums! We're talking reverb-a-plenty and a straight on attitude. With its strong melody and high dose of anticipation, 'Glimpse of the future' presents itself as a true stomper. Turn up the volume and dive into the future! With the cost of victory as the only admission to this rave, this glimpse hits the dance-floor in full effect. Getting all existential, 'Promo style' reveals the blue-print to the sub-label its released on. No formulas needed, this is basic science: a tune that showcases both a melodic and diverse sound, without losing its darkness. 'Anticipation' takes the tempo higher as beats come crashing in. Growing with every kick, the anticipation can only be met with a thundering hardcore kick. And this track delivers! Like a drumming through your brain, the breakdown succeeds in putting even the slickest of hardcore maniacs on a wrong foot. Familiar and new at the same time, burn!

No time to wait. Flipping over to the b-side things get dark as distortion filters takes control of the mix...


1. Kamikaze Style
2. Glimpse of the future
3. Promo Style
4. Anticipation

T3RDM0228 | format: digital

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