Style #010B

Style #010B


Observe and embrace. 'B-Side shit' kick starts the dirty side of darkness and goes all psycho with its acid sounds. Accompanied by big room effects, this track roles out the punches. B-side, the beat-side. Come at it! Building up from subtle madness to full-on loudness, 'Walking on eggshells' gets a little preachy at times. A sermon directed at followers as well as non-believers. This is hardcore! Delivering turmoil and disorder to the dance-floor, these patterns are action packed. A walk of fame, powered 909 style. A hardcore gun, shooting kick after kick. With 'Everything hurts' the foundation is familiar, yet totally different in effect. Co-produced with Minckz, a story is unleashed that needs telling. A track for the darker hours. As the pace increases, melancholy is touched with a tone of suicidal. It's just another universe exploding. Going out with a bang, 'Prime evil' is the proverbial punch in the face. Piercing your eardrums with the sweet pain that is hardcore, total darkness is imminent. Doom redefined, just don't get fooled by the angels singing. This is evil at its core.
Promo tunes have always had the tendency to get all loud and dirty, and this release redefines that feeling even better. Packing the crunch, a new edge is to be found around every corner. To be played at loud volume! As the primo with the stilo, the typical Promo touch is omnipresent throughout. Style 10, a two-faced killer to end a series of boss hardcore releases. A cease and desist for the non-believers, aggressive-toned and forward like a hardcore rave!


1. B-Side shit
2. Walking on eggshells
3. Everything hurts (with Minckz)
4. Prime Evil

T3RDM0229 | format: digital

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