Enhancing strength far beyond the range attainable by normal human beings' the Superhuman element of industrial gets a hardcore treatment by UK producer Micron. After his revered guest release back in 2004, Micron now makes a return to the TTM main label with his 'Superhuman' EP. Four tracks, one statement: pure industrial without remorse. Bringing the 'Superhuman'-element to a next dimension, Void Settler was asked to create his interpretation of the title track. The result: the Ladybird Kocokenbach remix, a trip into the parallel with subtle melody lines emerging from the patterns of rhythmic chaos.


A1. Micron - Superhuman
A2. Micron - Superhuman (Void Settler's ladybird kocokenbach remix)
B1. Micron - Microbeat
B2. Micron - Modifications

T3RDM0116 | format: 12 inch

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