System feedback - Promofile classic 003

System feedback - Promofile classic 003


After the positive reception of the first Files, Promo File 3 'System feedback' carried forward the experiment. Industrial sounds, dark atmosphere and other provoking ways all communicating Promo's changing approach to hardcore music. Expanding the reception of his File experiments even further, Promo included the awesome 'Emotions over anger' on the b-side, a fierce mainstream orientated hardcore track featuring typical Promo style samples and melody. 'Even a cripple man could walk to that shit!' 'Going mental' closes of this File with a techno vibe like no other, hard techno at its best.


A1. Promo - System feedback
A2. Promo - Vicious circle
B1. Promo - Emotions over anger
B2. Promo - Going mental

T3RDM0083 | format: 12 inch

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