Take your own path

Take your own path


You know you're in good company when that rich D-Passion sound hits. Full-on, no compromise, this is the Take your own path EP! Speakers, beware.

Two tracks, one voice. The message? 'Take your own path'! Stay true to your roots and don't be afraid to show. Competition is none. Judgement? By whom? Haha! This rock-solid D-Passion production hits like a mutha. Kick. Melody. Hardcore. You name it. It's here, all gently squeezed into the mix. On the flipside? A different kind of hardcore funk, upbeat and danceable from start to finish. Catchy and hard. Indeed, 'Something for the bitches'.

D-Passion knows where it's at. The party has just begun and we're all in for a hell of a ride. The Take your own path EP shakes up the movement and introduces a fresh twist to the ever-evolving hardcore sound. This is how it's going down!


01. Take your own path
02. Something for the bitches

T3RDM0266 | format: digital

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