The collabs

The collabs


D-Passion had some guests over at his studio, and here's the result! 'The collabs', a special release featuring 4 collaborations of D-Passion with artists from all around the scene. The first one might be a combination of 2 of the youngest, yet most thriving forces in the harder dance, 'Take the risk' is D-passion and Italian Mad Dog kicking it with bass-drums, tight melody and sharp vocals. Together with Promo, D-Passion sat down and created 'The last track of the night', a track with a large intensity grade shows their view on how the last 5 minutes of an event could and should sound like. The b-side might be a familiar one to many. Last year, D-Passion and Unexist provoked each-other to non stop hardcore antics, and the two tracks which resulted from this session might be some of the hardest out there! 'Bring the noise' and 'What the hell' are the best examples of how intense the combination of the Unexist style and D-Passions' production skills can be. This will surely bring some beats for everybody. D-Passion presents: The collabs!


A1. D-Passion & Mad Dog - Take the risk
A2. D-Passion & Promo - Last track of the night
B1. Unexist & D-Passion - Bring the noise
B2. D-Passion & Unexist - What the hell (D-passion mix)

T3RDM0139 | format: 12 inch

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